Trade and Merchant Trust Company

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Who we are:

Trade and Merchant Trust is a global institution, founded in 2010, to provide structured finance services and trade finance services to its clients. ( see www.tradeandmerchant.com )

TMTC is a provider of Trade Finance Services with a dedicated team of Trade Finance Specialists. The institution can provide structured trade finance solutions to meet most company’s specific international trade finance requirements. TMTC has SWIFT capability for easy and faster transmission of letters of credit and other financial messages across the globe.

TMTC offers all services at very competitive prices without compromising on quality and efficiency. The TMTC group understands that efficient service is crucial in international trade finance transactions.

And now, Trade and Merchant, in association with the Northern and Western Insurance Company, is providing performance guarantees, and other similar products, to client companies throughout the world and outside of North America.

What is a performance guarantee?

It is a business agreement between a client and a contractor for the contractor to perform all of their obligations under the contract. A performance guarantee might also include a clause to protect the client against losses incurred in case the contractor fails to perform and enforcement action is required or an alternative contractor needs to be engaged.

A Performance Guaranty (sometimes referred to as a performance bond) states that in the event of failure to perform an agreed task the beneficiary can raise a claim on the provider.

Also, Performance bonds are generally issued as part of a ‘Performance and Payment Bond where a Payment Bond guarantees that the contractor will pay the labor and material costs they are obliged to.

How to get Performance Guarantees:

Please email us at info@tradeandmerchant.com or apply to our exclusive sales and marketing group, CFPI at www.lettercredit.com/apply.
You can reach us in New Zealand at: +64.9.9734782 or in the United States at +1212.724.8333 and dial extension 210 or 111 or 112